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Goddess Katrina had a session with her pay slave and she had to make sure it went well and that it was successful. She loved what happened and by the time she was done with the guy, she had made some great money. She had to celebrate it and that is why she took out her cigarette and she smoked it as she relaxed and reminisced on what had just happened.

Goddess Kira wanted a new car and she had to make sure that she got it from her paypig. She had to be extra hot today for him and she had to make sure she brought her A game. By the time she was done with him, he had used his savings to buy for her what she wanted. He was smitten with her and she knew this and used it to her advantage.

This mistress loves to live a good life and she does not hide it. She eats life with a big spoon and all of that is funded by her paypigs. She uses findom to get what she wants and that is why she did what she did. With her hot ass, sexy looks and her naughtiness to boot, she finds it easy getting and maintaining pay slaves and making money from them.

Goddess Kira wanted to make sure that she degraded this guy and that he learned his lesson. Unlike many mistresses who used pain and humiliation to do what she wanted to do, she had assessed the situation and she realized that the best way to do it was to use findom fetish. So she turned the guy into a pay slave and she dominated him financially. It stung him a lot.

Mistress Gabriela is blessed with a pair of big natural tits. She knows men have a thing for them and when she noticed that, she had to find a way to cash in on all that interest. She chose to turn them into a money maker and it was not only fun for her, but she also had a great time making money from the guys who wanted to mess with her tits.

Lady Shay wanted to make sure that her new slave was turned into a paypig. She did this because she had noticed that he had other side hustles that made him good money. In addition, he was not the best slave and he was sometimes disobedient. She was not going to allow that and that is why she chose to turn the guy into a human atm for herself. It worked.

Lady Rockabella wanted to get some money from this guy. That is why she opted to dominate him and do it in a sexy manner. The guy did not think that she could do what she ended up doing and that was why it caught him by surprise. He never saw it coming and when he finally realized what was happening, the mistress had cleaned out his account and was laughing all the way to the bank.

Mistress Raquel needed to financially dominate her landlord and she did it after she had paid her rent. She needed to have proof of her rent payments before she dominated him financially. It was fun for her and she not only enjoyed herself, but she also made more money from him than what she paid him as rent. He did not see it coming as she was hot and naughty.

Goddess Gabriella had quit her job and she was broke. She needed to find a way to deal with her bills and she used her findom fetish to do it. She turned this guy into her human atm and he was the source of her money. That was the money that the mistress used to pay her rent as well as other bills as she looked for another job for herself.

Goddess Katrina wanted to dominate this guy and she did it in a way that this guy had never experienced. It was financial instead of physical. That is why the mistress had to use her sex appeal to get him to do it. The effects were felt after she was done with him when he went to check out her balance. She had cleaned his account and he could not believe it.

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